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Crystal Quartz Buddhist Acala Mala

Crystal Quartz Buddhist Acala Mala

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This spiritual mala is made with a deep respect for Buddhist culture, with 108 prayer beads. Perfect for meditation, or as a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection.

The crystal quartz roundels are hand knotted in leather accented with a sterling silver bead with marquisite and obsidian pendant of Acala.

Acala- The Wisdom King is one of the main deities among the wisdom kings, a group of deities who are said to remove all obstacles and defeat all devils that hinder Buddhist practice. It is said that he enters the flame-emitting meditation in which he emits flames that destroy all karmic hindrances. The true significance of Acala is not subjugation of one's enemies but self-subjugation of one's own afflictions. Acala's vajra lasso in left hand used to bind and immobilize demons. Acala's Vajra Sword to sever greed, anger, and ignorance, the three evil paths.

Beautiful, and hand crafted this Mala makes the perfect gift, offering, or personal Dharma accessory to enhance and support your practice.

Mala measures appox. 28"L

Pendant measures 2 3/8"L, 1 1/2"W

AAA Quartz faceted roundels measure approx. 4mm

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