Tintype photograph of artist Ana Maria Sanchez by Sheena Dorton

Ana Maria Sanchez, the artist behind Amaria Studio has been working across several artistic mediums since she was a young girl.

Whether through her painting or jewelry and fashion design, her work is rooted in a fascination with textiles and ornamentation.

Ana Maria born from parents who immigrated from Paraguay was raised in Houston, studied fashion design at the University of North Texas, worked as a merchant with Neiman Marcus before launching Amaria Studio more than ten years ago where she has worked full time as an artist.  

In her work Ana Maria is always exploring the beauty in nature, strength in femininity, and personal history.  Her Paraguayan heritage is ever present in her work seen in her bold use of color, light feminine touch, use of filigree and traditional religious symbols.

She currently resides in Dallas with her beloved husband Alberto.  When not cooking wonderful meals together, entertaining family and friends or practicing their tango Ana Maria may be found in her artists studio where she is always seeking to find, express and share the beauty of the world.

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