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Original painting- Pink & White Plumeria

Original painting- Pink & White Plumeria

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First in a series of 3 plumeria paintings. I was gifted a small plumeria plant 2 years ago by a dear friend. Last year it finally blossomed and I was surprised by the beauty and fragrance of this gorgeous plant. Every time I would look at this plant it just brought me overwhelming feelings of joy and happiness and was reminded of my tropical vacation to Hawaii. 

Inspired by the plant and my travels I painted this series of 3 plumeria paintings. This first one is an acrylic painting on wood panel measuring approx. 5" * 7". It features a closeup of pink plumerias from the tree with a crisp blue background. I have signed the painting with the Amaria Studio logo in white and have signed and dated the back.

 White plumeria painting

Pink plumeria painting

Plumeria earrings

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