Feliz Dia De los Muertos 2022

Feliz Dia De los Muertos 2022

Every year for the past 3 years, I have participated in the Dia de los Muertos parade here in Downtown Dallas with family.

This past year I decided to incorporate my Paraguayan heritage into the design of my outfit for the parade. I designed the pattern of my dress to be a print of the handmade lace called ñanduti which translates to spiderweb. I used the app procreate and made a digital version of the lace and had it printed on the dress. I originally wanted it to be a bright fuschia but it did not print out that way.

One the headdress I made it out of zip ties and used orchids instead of marigolds. If I had more time or would have started earlier I would have used passionflowers as they are the national flower of Paraguay.

I also ended up making my husband's necklace and hat pin to match.

All in all I was happy with the results.

And as always we had a blast taking pictures with the kiddos.

A couple dress in costume for Dia de los muertos parade in Downtown Dallas 2022.

2 women dressed for dia de los muertos 2022 as catrinas with flower crownsñanduti lace print being designed

ñanduti lace print dress closeup

Picture at Dia de los Muertos parade downtown Dallas with a catrina

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