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GRATITUDE- Luxurious silver pearl rosary

From start to finish, this rosary has a brilliant and lustrous glow. The pearls used are freshwater silver pearls.

The entire rosary is wire-wrapped in sterling silver wire. This is a rosary, built to last for generations.

The cross is sterling silver wire wrapped filigree artisan made.

All rosaries from Amaria are handcrafted and the workmanship is guaranteed.

Why an heirloom rosary? The simple answer is quality. This collection of rosaries features only quality materials. The wire used is solid metal wire, nothing plated or coated. The same goes for the centers and crucifixes, solid metals not colored base metals.

It is also quality construction. In the beaded rosaries, each bead is meticulously wire-wrapped to the next, no open loops to pull apart.

An heirloom rosary is one that will stand the test of time. One that will last not only your lifetime but those of the generations to which it is passed. A true, beautiful, family heirloom.

Rosary is packaged in an artisan handmade wood rosary box.

Because of their delicacy, pearls should be stored separately, away from hard jewelry items, to prevent scratches or other damage. If possible, store them wrapped in soft cloth or in a soft-lined container, pouch, or jewelry box.

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